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We offer a unique set of tools for the creation of dynamic, generative NFT collections for developers to independently experiment with powerful new technology. With these mechanics, NFTs can grow, breed, fuse, and react to blockchain or IRL events even after they are sold.

OG Studio provides access to various data points, flexible scripts with pre-ready interactive scenarios, blockchain listeners, render farms, documentation and our dev team’s support - everything to integrate our infrastructure into your projects seamlessly.
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Dynamic NFTs are the next step in blockchain technology, that brings endless opportunities to create interaction and evolving storytelling in your projects.

When it comes to regular static or generative NFTs, their metadata is locked in their final form from the moment of mint. Whereas dynamic NFTs can constantly change their metadata, reacting to different stimuli: everything from in-app experiences and their owners’ online behaviour to real-life weather. As a result, Dynamic NFTs can be ever-evolving, interactive and collaborative.
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Integrate dynamic technology
Flexible scripts that allow any type of interactions triggered by on-chain and off-chain data.
Scripts for interactivity
A library of ready-made interactive scenarios and a library of existing data points - from crypto wallet contents to real-life moon phases.
Ready-made solutions
An environment for testing all updates before the sale
Testing environment
A custom render pipeline that supports JavaScript, Houdini and Blender scenes.
Render pipeline
A dynamic traits and visuals generator supports all kinds of visuals - 2D, 3D, still and animations
Visuals generator
Different components of the system can be used separately
Module system
Everything from interactive systems developments to different sale mechanics, to dynamic updates after mint.
Multi-purpose tools
Unlock advanced features
Custom solutions for deployment and sale.
Marketing tools
The Blockchain smart contract creates events.
The event listener accepts events from the contract or an external API interface.
The trait generator determines what the NFT will look like.
The artwork generator is connected to the generative scene and render farms.
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As a result, the metadata of the artwork is updated on the blockchain and in the owners’ wallets, as well as on OpenSea and other platforms.
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At OG.Art we initially built and tested these tools for our own needs - and used them to create several breakthrough collections that made our name: OG: Crystals, LIOM and Heterosis.
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Each collection had its own unique interactive mechanics, permitting top-quality 3D animated NFTs to grow, breed and react to other wallet contents after they were sold.

We have also launched several custom products for our corporate partners, including Unique network, Project Zero, TheIsland, Sweatcoin, and Sheba, amongst others.
We want to share our dynamic technology with all the creatives and web3 developers in the blockchain ecosystem. So we’re inviting you to be amongst the first to try the OG Studio Tools.
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