OG Studio for Brands
Tell your brand story and ignite your community with cutting-edge interactive technology.
We create captivating digital experiences for entertaining and growing your company’s community.

Using dynamic and generative technology, we will help you build end-to-end projects of any complexity, from engaging loyalty programs to mini-games to evolving digital art collections, that breath new life into your community and brand.
Tell an exciting story
We will walk you through the entire process, from concept development and art creation to technical implementation and a custom front end for sales. We can also advise on creative contractors suited to you and recommend the perfect digital artists.
Let us help you create
a groundbreaking NFT project
Be innovative
OG Studio builds generative, dynamic NFTs with interactive mechanics - the next generation of digital art that brings endless opportunities for evolving storytelling and complex concepts.
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When it comes to static NFTs, they are locked in their final form from the get-go, whereas dynamic NFTs can constantly change, reflecting the world around them - they can grow, breed, fuse, and react to physical and digital events. Upgradeable NFTs also respond to everything from in-app data and their owners' online behaviour to real-life events, such as weather changes or sports results!
Make collaborations with your community by involving members in the co-creation of products or content.
Grow trust and credibility by having completely transparent on-chain activity.
Trust and credibility
Grow customer engagement through interactive scenarios.
Customer engagement
Grow brand loyalty and advocacy by building a motivating loyalty program.
Brand loyalty
Grow community and brand awareness by creating an extraordinary creative project.
Brand awareness
Benefit from new technology
Sheba Hope Grows is an NFT project launched by Sheba (Mars Group), and it's a digital initiative aimed at regenerating coral reefs in the ocean. OG Studio created the technical architecture and dynamic NFT updates, enabling the digital corals to grow with time.
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We have it all: unique technology and extensive experience in creating projects of different levels of complexity. We can build A-to-Z and come up with a creative solution for your problems or simply provide custom technical solutions.
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Up Your Blockchain Art Game with Groundbreaking New Tools
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Build a dynamic NFT collection with a set of powerful new tools
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