OG Studio for Existing NFT Collections
Go dynamic. Breathe new life into your project and reactivate your community.
Revitalize you project
We provide powerful tools for NFT collections to create the next iteration of their pre-existing NFTs and give them a second lease of life.

With OG Studio, you can migrate your collection’s metadata to our platform and then make it dynamic and generative. With our tools, your old NFTs can start changing, growing and reacting to blockchain or IRL events. So you can spice up your collectables by giving them new traits and interactive mechanics, reviving the activity of your collectors.
Breathe new life
into your NFT collection
Update traits & mechanics
After creators migrate their collection’s metadata to the OG Platform, they can start changing visual and non-visual traits party or completely, add 2D, 3D static visuals and animations, and implement interactive and dynamic mechanics.
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Dynamic NFTs can constantly change, reflecting the world around them. DNFTs are reactive to physical and digital data, everything from in-app experiences and their owners’ online behaviour to the weather! As a result, Dynamic NFTs can be ever-evolving, interactive and collaborative.
Using our migration tools, transfer your existing collection's metadata to our platform.
Update your NFT collection's smart contract to point to the new BaseURI associated with us.
Test your NFT collection to ensure that the migrated metadata works correctly. 
Start updating visuals and text traits, adding interactive scripts with the help of various OG Studio tools
Simply follow a few steps
You can connect and collaborate with other collections in the crypto space.
Connections in crypto space
You can grow the secondary market.
Secondary market grows
You can attract new collectors with new engaging mechanics.
New collectors
You can permit your collectors to create personalized and unique collectables.
Personalized collectables
You’ll reactivate your existing community of collectors by bringing new value to their collection.
Community reactivation
Benefit from new technology
This is a new and experimental approach, and we believe it can be beneficial for several reasons:
Experiment with us
At OG.Art, we have built and tested one-of-a-kind blockchain tools for our own generative dynamic art collections. Now we are ready to share our technology with other collections in the crypto space. We can also offer guidance on the creative part, sharing our expertise to craft captivating storytelling and engaging mechanics.
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Reactivate and grow
your collectors' community
For Brands
Tell your brand story and ignite your community with cutting-edge interactive technology.
For Artists
Up Your Blockchain Art Game with Groundbreaking New Tools
For Developers
Build a dynamic NFT collection with a set of powerful new tools