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It’s the way to give your digital art an edge.

The Studio is a low-code set of tools for all creatives to independently experiment with powerful new technology, and create dynamic NFTs that can grow, breed, fuse, and react to blockchain or IRL events - even after they are initially bought.
Create with OG Studio
Dynamic NFTs are the next step in NFTs, bringing endless opportunities for artists to create interactive scenarios, complex concepts and include evolving storytelling in their work.

When it comes to regular static or generative NFTs, they are locked in their final form from the get-go, whereas dynamic NFTs can constantly change, reflecting the world around them. DNFTs are reactive to physical and digital data, everything from in-app experiences and their owners' online behaviour to the weather! As a result, Dynamic NFTs can be ever-evolving, interactive and collaborative, and of course, they’re completely unique!
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Make your art dynamic
Smart contracts will be owned and deployed by artists, meaning that projects can be launched on OG.Art, on artists’ custom websites, or any third-party platforms.
Artistic autonomy
A powerful custom render pipeline that supports JavaScript, Houdini, Blender and AI scenes, allowing for instant rendering of complex 2D and 3D images and animation.
Render pipeline
A library of existing data points and opportunities to add new ones - anything from crypto wallet contents to animal migrations and moon phases.
Data integration
Advanced sales and marketing tools including: a custom mint page, phased sales for different groups of collectors, interactive waitlists with challenges for buyers, crypto and credit card payment.
Marketing tools
A growing library of ready-made interactive scenarios created and tested by the OG community.
Pre-made scenarios
Flexible scripts that allow any type of interactions triggered by on-chain and off-chain data.
Interactive storytelling
Low code solution for creating NFT projects of any technical complexity.
Low code
Unlock advanced features
NFTs from any other collections can activate changes in your own art projects - making them part of one ecosystem.
Collections interconnection
Be the first to try it out
We’re inviting artists to apply by describing their creative concepts, and we will then select those to participate in this first test phase of our Studio. There are no upfront or ongoing costs for artists outside of royalties.
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Get inspired
OG.Art began with the creation of several breakthrough dynamic art collections, starting with OG: Crystals. We’ve collaborated with world-leading institutions, including Pace Gallery, and Christie’s, where our Mother Flock sculpture was sold last year. We have also amassed a 50K+ community of passionate NFT collectors.
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With our producers from Snark.art, we have launched various NFTart projects, working with established artists from both the traditional and crypto art worlds, including: Random International, Mat Collishaw, Eve Sussman, Michael Joo, Danil Krivoruchko, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Nancy Baker Cahill, Kendell Geers, Tommy Hartung, Duke Riley, Volkmar Klien, Cassils, and many others.
We want to share all the unique tools that we’ve created for our own collections with every artist in the blockchain ecosystem.
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Digital Artist
Danil Krivoruchko
“Huge thanks to OG.Art! This project wouldn't be possible without the dynamic NFT technology you developed!”
Mat Collishaw
Contemporary Artist
“The fact that  dynamic NFT art can evolve through time, depending on what the owner does or doesn’t do, was something very interesting for us.”
Michael Joo
Contemporary Artist
“This entire digital universe is the most fabulous material possible. It can morph and become soft, harden, or become any color, and some of these characteristics come from human actions.”
Random International art group
Hannes Koch
“We find working with Blockchain incredibly energising. Here, the blockchain's much-lauded de-centralised qualities were realised as a new form of public art.”
Leading Pace Verso at Pace Gallery
Ariel Hudes
Pace Verso had a great experience working with OG.Art on the Life in Our Minds project with Random International and Danil Krivoruchko. We hope to partner again in the future!
Digital Art Patron and Aorist Founder
Pablo Fraile
“This entire digital universe is the most fabulous material possible. It can morph and become soft, harden, or become any color, and some of these characteristics come from human actions.”
Random International
Art Group
“We’ve had a truly outlandish experience so far with Life in Our Minds and we’re loving it!”
“Tomorrow I will hand off this OG: Crystal as the final Act of 7Artists 4 7Gens. Stoked to have left my imprint on OG: Crystal 18.”
Contemporary Artist
Tom Sachs
For NFT Collections
Breathe new life into an old project and reactivate your community
For Developers
Build a dynamic NFT collection with a set of powerful new tools
For Brands
Tell your brand story and ignite your community with cutting-edge interactive technology.